We are Partner of Magneti Marelli


Magneti Marelli is an Italian automotive supplier belong to the Fiat Group. Among the group are several companies and partners, such as Automotive Lighting, Carello, MAKO, Cofa and other. The most important corporate pillars are the highest product quality, Individual service and also the garage network "Magneti Marelli Checkstar". Our employees are available to answer your questions about Marelli products and about the garage network "Magneti Marelli Checkstar".

You can inform yourself about the product variety and their special qualities with the help of the different catalogues.


The brake is one of the most important safety feature of an automobile. You can find brake shoes, brake pads, brake discs an pre-assembled brake-Kits and more in the different catalogues. The brake discs are subdivided into full / massive brake discs, inside-ventilated brake discs as well as sports brake discs. We offer products in original equipment manufacturer quality. Some brake pads / wheel chocks are already delivered with the suitable cultivation materials like clips or bolts.

 Bremsbacken - brake shoes.pdf
 Bremsbeläge - brake pads.pdf
 Bremsen-Kits - brake kits.pdf
 Bremsscheibe - brake disc.pdf



Electronic system are already delivered since origin of the enterprise of Magneti Marelli in the first equipment. One the most important component are the electronic engine control devices as well as the starters and generators. You find more than 500 different starters and generators for european vehicles in the different catalogues. The programme of the engine control devices encloses more than 140 different control devices primarily for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia & vehicles of the PSA group.

 Anlasser u. Lichtmaschinen - starters & generators.pdf
 Diagnose Geräte Tester.pdf
 Motorsteuergerät - electonic engine control.pdf



Magneti Marelli covers with a low spark plug number 95 % of the European automobile market with Denso spark plugs. The assortment is rounded by suitable ignition cable sentences in original equipment manufacturer quality. The heater plugs are very reliable, they have a high life span and low pollutant output. They suit for almost all European vehicle brands.

 Glühkerzen - glow plugs.pdf
 Zündkabel - ignition cables.pdf
 Zündkerzen - spark plugs.pdf



Magneti Marelli places on oil filter, interior filter / pollen filter, air filter as well as fuel filter from Original Equipment Manufacturers because the servicing intervals of the vehicle manufacturers become longer and longer. A complete and comprehensive assortment in oil filters, air filters, fuel filters as well as pollen filter covers therefore nearly every need of Fiat and PSA applications.

 Innenraumfilter - cabin filter.pdf
Ölfilter - oil filter.pdf



Air flow meter
In the catalogue "petrol pumps / fuel pumps and sensors" you find more than 450 different references in thermo counters, oleograph giver, impulse givers and petrol pumps. The fuel pump and petrol pumps are in original equipment manufacturer quality (OEM).The Lambda probes of the company Magneti Marelli are the high-quality Lambda probe of the company NGK NTK.

 Benzinpumpen u. Sensoren - fuel pumps & sensors.pdf
 Lambdasonde-Lambda probe.pdf
 Luftmassenmeter-air flow meter.pdf



Car body
Magneti Marelli and the subsidiary Automotive Lighting (AL) are together one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the OEM sector. The assortment includes floodlight, backlights, additional flood light, fog lamp, set engines as well as control devices. Bumpers are made with standard tools and guarantee therefore 100 % passport exactness. The bumpers assortment includes more than 330 applications for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, jeep, Opel as well as the PSA group. Additionally gas feathers/ tailgate dampers and the shock absorber assortment which gas pressure shock absorber and oil shock absorbers belong to the OEM assortment of Magneti Marelli.

 Fensterheber window lifter.pdf
 Gasfeder - Gas spring.pdf
 Beleuchtung - lighting.pdf
 Stoßdämpfer - shock absorber.pdf
 Birnen - bulb.pdf
 Spiegel - mirror.pdf



pane cleaning
The current wiper engines catalogue of Magneti Marelli offers more than 125 different wiper engines and wiper-linkages in original quality. They find Flate Blades, wiper sheets with and without spoiler as well as rear windshield wiper with Universal adpatern or adapters specific for vehicle in the wiper blade Catalogue of Magneti Marelli.

Wischermotoren - wiper motors
 Wischerblätter - wiper blades.pdf



Magneti Marelli offers one of the widest range of products in the area of Batteries for the European market. The batteries catalogues are sorted according to the different classes. Besides, it concerns start-stop-batteries, AGM-batteries, MAGIS-batteries, RUN-batteries, Cargo-batteries, Weber-batteries as well as the ETS-batteries. The different classes of the Magneti Marelli batteries are of high quality, powerful, high grade and produced on the highest state of technolgie.

 Batterie - Battery ( Weber).pdf
 Batterie - Battery (Cargo).pdf
 Batterie - Battery (ETS).pdf




The area of Cooling encloses not only water pumps and coolers but is extended constantly by wide product groups. For the European vehicle market are already more than 800 different charge air cooler available. The current Cooling-system catalogue offers more than 2000 different references from heating coolers, fan frame and fan motors. Water pumps, heating fan motors are delivered as well as the other aggregates of the cooling system in usual OEM quality.

 Kühlsysteme - cooling system.pdf
 Wasserpumpe - water pump.pdf




 Heavy duty - Cargo.pdf
 Ozon Maker - Sterilisator.pdf