Magneti Marelli

Since 2012 we are an official partner of the Italian automotive supplier Magneti Marelli, which belongs to the Fiat S.p.A. Group.The high level of product quality, individual service and the workshop-network "Magneti Marelli Check Star" are among the most important pillars of the company.As an official Magneti Marelli retailer, we benefit from a large product range, an extensive delivery service and products in OEM quality.


Asso Marmite

Asso Marmitte S.r.l. is our expert for exhaust pipes, mufflers, complete exhaust systems as well as exhaust manifolds and diesel particulate filter.The Italian company was founded in 1963 and is specialized in the production of exhaust systems for motor vehicles ever since.The high quality is ensured by constant monitoring of the production. The modern quality management is complemented by the use of reliable materials and improved production processes as well as innovative production technologies. 


ATL Autotechnik e.K.

Our expert for starters and alternators in original quality and replacement quality is ATL Autotechnik e.K..
The medium-sized company offers parts in OEM quality and constant availability of 25,000-30,000 parts. The extensive range of products as well as expertise and experience ensure a high delivery service.

Clean Filters von Degrosso S.p.A.

Our partner for fuel filters, cabin air filters, air filter elements and oil filters is Delgrosso SpA which introduced the brand “Clean Filters” in 1979.Clean Filters has a wide range of fuel filters, oil filters and air filters for motor vehicles.The company collaborates with numerous manufacturers of vehicles and engines when it comes to the development of new filters.Thanks to constant technical innovation, high quality standards and an excellent customer service, Clean Filters has established itself in the European market.


Dayco is our specialist for drive systems.The range includes pulleys, timing chain sets, timing belts, timing belt sets with water pump  and without water pump and timing belt tensioners.The company is known for excellent logistics and large storage capacity, which leads to short delivery times and a high delivery service.

Miraglio S.p.A.

Our partner for window regulators, door handles and door locks is Miraglio S.p.A based in Rivoli, Italy.
The company founded in 1955 produces electric and manual window regulators and door handles for interior and exterior in original quality.

Nissens A/S

Our specialist for engine radiators, intercoolers, condensers and heater core is Nissens A / S.Nissens A / S continually tests new production methods and materials and is constantly striving to improve its products.The Danish company focuses on quality, a high delivery service and innovative thinking. 

SPJ Automotive

SPJ Automotive is our partner for wing mirrors (also fender mirror, door mirror, or side mirror).The Spanish company based in Barcelona was founded in 2000 and is now represented in most European countries.SPJ Automotive produces mirrors and turn signals in original quality for car manufacturers. 


Triscan a/s is a Danish company, which sells car spare parts exclusively to wholesalers.The range includes brake pads and brake shoes, brake discs , brake hoses, brake cables, gas springs, thermostats, water pumps, drive shafts, steering components, wheel bearings and coil springs. 

Otto Zimmermann GmbH

Our partner for brake discs, brake pads, brake shoes and brake is the Otto Zimmermann GmbH with its headquarters in Sinsheim, Germany.The company develops, produces and sells brake components for car manufacturers and the independent aftermarket for more than five decades.Modern computer-controlled production lines ensure a consistently high standard of quality of brake discs and brake pads.The extensive range and large storage capacities ensure short delivery times and an excellent delivery service.